8 Tips to Getting a Professional looking Name Badge

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What is a Name Badge?

A name badge is a tag that people wear for identification and engagement. It serves as branding tool for companies too. Here is an overview of the considerations involved and how to make the very best badge that you can for your budget.

1. Choose the right attachment

There are different types of attachments, namely magnets and pin and clip. Choosing the right type ensure that you work within the budget. Unlike pin, a magnet does not leave any holes on the clothing. However, it is more costly.

2. Pick a Font Size that is Easily Readable

Nobody wants to squint to read a guest’s name, and tags that are too small might prevent people from talking to one another or make it more difficult at the very least.

3. Select a Font that Works with Long Names

Some will have longer names and want them to show fully on the tag. It is important that your name badge fits lengthy names without distortion to the inscribed name on the tag. Choose a font size and font type that accepts longer names without an issue.

4. Include a Job Title

An effective name badge doesn’t just show off the person’s first and last name. One important piece of information is the job title. Right under the name on the name badge, include a person’s job title. This little bit of information helps like-minded people connect with one another and can be a valuable tool for forging new relationships.

5. Consider Multicolored Badges

While it’s much cheaper to go with black and white badge designs, it’s more effective to use badges that allow for colors. Whether you want to add a company logo, a description of the event or other styles on the badge, they all show up better when colored. By picking out multicolored tags, designers will have more on their palette to work with, allowing for higher quality unique creations.

6. Select a Durable Badge Material

It is very important to make sure the badge material can handle the task that you have for it. If you are working in the workshop where you are exposed to oil strains, an embroided name tag is preferred.

7. Buy Badges in Bulk

Try to produce as many as possible at one time to get lower prices. The price will be a bit more initially, but over time, the saving will be substantial. Be careful to avoid buying too few name badges or name tags, or you may spend far more money than you have to at the end.

8. Getting the Size Just Right

To make sure you get a size that you’re going to like using, try out a few different dimensions to see what you prefer the most. Don’t rush when deciding on what to use, and make sure that you test out more than one option before making your final decision. Learn more about legibility by clicking here

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