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Sandblasting processes and its applications

What’s the Best Way to Transform a Surface: Sandblasting or Engraving?

Sandblasting and engraving are two different processes used to alter the surface of a material. Here are the key differences between sandblasting and engraving. Sandblasting Method In sandblasting, abrasive particles (usually sand or other media) are propelled at high speeds onto the surface using compressed air or a specialized sandblasting machine. The abrasive particles erode […]

Understanding the Distinctions: Laser Marking, Laser Etching, and Laser Engraving

Laser marking, laser etching, and laser engraving are all laser-based processes that involve using high-energy lasers to alter the surface of a material. While they share similarities, there are specific differences between these techniques: Laser Marking Laser marking is the process of applying a permanent mark on the surface of a material. It involves using […]