Q1. How do you confirm you have received my order?

Immediately after you place your order, an email acknowledging your order will be sent to you, If this has not been received please email: sales@million.com.sg and we will arrange for a copy to be sent.

Q2. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard through PayPal. 

Q3. Which engraving or printing methods are best suit for an award?

3A. Laser Engraving

Suitable for: Acrylic, Metal, Wood

During the process of laser engraving, the laser beam burns on the surface of the material, exposing it to a great deal of heat. Depending on the exposure time, the color changes and creates a contrast. The resulting laser engraving is permanent and very resistant to abrasion.

3B. Colour Print

Suitable for: Acrylic, Crystal, Jade glass, Metal plate

Colour printing is a premium finishing that recreates logos, photographs and text in full colour. With a bit of creativity, stunning effects can be achieved.

We use the latest technology to directly print on the award surface with a special ink that is cured by UV light.

Colour printing requires a flat print surface for the best results.


3C. Sandblasting

Suitable for: Crystal, Glass

This method is used on crystal, glass and other hard materials used to make awards. Sandblasting is used to precisely engrave text, logos, and graphics to make the award more outstanding.

Simply put, an abrasive material is propelled at high velocities with air hoses onto the surface. The rough material cuts at the surface where the stencil outline has been placed, leaving the design finely engraved.

For added effect, the engraved areas can be filled with coloured pigments like gold or silver 


    1. ILLUSTRATOR (Format: .AI .EPS)
    • Include ALL placed images or embed them in your file
    • Include Convert fonts to outlines (if there is no text editing)


    1. ACROBAT (Format: .PDF)
    • Embed ALL images and convert fonts to outlines before exporting
    • Export with PRESS QUALITY settings
    • Save as Adobe Acrobat 7 or lower
    • Set image export to 300dpi



    If text editing is needed,

    • Do not embed fonts in PDF.
    • Avoid saving text images in JPG format. JPG file format does not contain texts like PDF format.


    1. CORELDRAW (Format: .CDR)
    • Include ALL fonts convert to outlines (if there is no text editing)
    • Save as version X5 or lower


    1. PHOTOSHOP (Format: .PSD .TIF .EPS .JPG .PNG)
    • Include ALL fonts convert to outlines (if there is no text editing)


    1. MS WORD (Format: .DOC)


    1. MS POWERPOINT (Format: .PPT)


  1. QUARKXPRESS.(Format: .QXD)
  2. MS PUBLISHER (Format: .PUB)
  3. MS EXCEL (Format: .XLS)
  4. STEP
  5. STP
  6. STL
  7. 3DS
  8. IGES



  1. ILLUSTRATOR VECTOR FILES are the preferred format for graphics and allow the most flexibility for sizing files without loss of quality.


  1. .JPG .BMP .GIF are formats typically formatted for web These can only be accepted if the resolution is as follows:.

         The photo resolution MUST be a minimum of 700dpi at 25% scale for high end printing and a minimum of 300dpi at 25% scale for banner printing.

2. All images and scans must be supplied or embedded in file.


  1. Use Pantone Coated colors in the Color critical files and be specified at time of upload so that the closest match is achievable.
  2. Set the color mode to CMYK.
  3. To achieve the richest black, set the CMYK values to C=100 / M=100 / Y=100 / B=100.


  1. For digital photos, set the settings at 5MB and above.
  2. Photos under 5MB typically do not work for large format output. If it is a small digital file, DO NOT open the photo in a photo editing program and change the resolution (dpi) to make the photo There is no way to ADD resolution to a photo already taken. Please retake the photo.


  1. In the event that a print-ready file that meets all of the listed criteria is not available, graphic design assistance is available for an additional cost.
  2. Contact us today for an estimate to be provided on a per job basis.

Tel: 6298-4988 OR

Email: milliongraphicsteam@gmail.com