Guide to maintain & upkeep a Metallic Opening Ceremony Plaque

colour printing stainless plaque

To upkeep and maintain a metallic opening ceremony plaque, consider the following tips:

Regular Cleaning

Clean the plaque regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge. Use mild soapy water to gently wipe the surface, removing any dust, dirt, or fingerprints. Avoid abrasive cleaners or rough materials that could scratch or damage the metal surface.


Metal plaques, such as those made of brass or stainless steel, may develop tarnish or lose their shine over time. To restore the plaque’s luster, use a metal polish specific to the type of metal used. Apply a small amount of polish to a soft cloth and gently buff the plaque in circular motions. Follow the product instructions and take caution not to apply excessive pressure that could scratch or degrade the surface.

Protective Coating

Consider applying a protective coating or wax to the metal plaque to minimize tarnish and protect against environmental elements. Choose a product designed for the specific metal type of the plaque and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

Inspect for Damage

Regularly inspect the plaque for any signs of damage or deterioration, such as scratches, dents, or rust. If scratches or blemishes are minor, they can often be buffed out using polishing techniques. However, deeper damage may require professional restoration or refinishing services.

Environmental Considerations

Protect the plaque from direct exposure to harsh weather conditions, excessive moisture, or strong sunlight. If the plaque is installed outdoors, ensure it is mounted securely and protected from unnecessary physical impact or vandalism.

Gentle Handling

When cleaning or maintaining the plaque, handle it with care to avoid dropping, scratching, or bending the metal. Use soft materials and avoid abrasive tools that could cause damage.

Routine Maintenance

Establish a routine maintenance schedule for the plaque based on its location, material, and condition. Regularly clean and inspect the plaque to catch any issues early and address them promptly.

Remember, the specific maintenance requirements of a metallic opening ceremony plaque may vary depending on the type of metal used in the plaque. It’s beneficial to consult any care instructions provided by the manufacturer or seek professional advice when needed.

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