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Plastic Trophy: Have you ever watched a sporting event or awards show and wondered what the trophies are made of?
Popular Materials for Trophies
Due to its high value, not many trophies are made of gold. Those that do contain the precious metal are generally gold-plated.

In Singapore, we make most trophies with plastic injection technique as this technique can be used to mold, at times highly intricate shapes.

However, we create trophies with a variety of materials. Example of materials used are nickel alloy, glass, wood, bronze, and silver. Many modern trophies feature plastic casts which are then plated. Another popular option is a wood base with plastic cast on top (usually featuring a plate for engraving). Lastly, there is an option of a completely plastic trophy, with a plate on which the individual’s name is engraved.

Some trophies have metal studs molded into them to give them strength and add weight. At times, gypsum is injected into the base to strengthen it.