Unveil the Opening Ceremony Plaque & Celebrate Good Fengshui!

According to Fengshui principles, the location of an opening ceremony plaque can have an impact on the energy and overall harmony of the space. Here are some guidelines to consider for placing an opening ceremony plaque with good Fengshui:


The plaque should be prominently displayed in a visible and respected area. It should be easily noticeable and attract attention, as it represents the significance and achievements of the occasion.

Appropriate Sector

In Feng Shui, each sector of a space corresponds to different aspects of life. Determine the sector that aligns with the purpose of the opening ceremony plaque. For example, if the plaque represents a business or organization, placing it in the Wealth and Prosperity sector (southeast) or Career sector (north) may be beneficial. If it represents an achievement in education or personal growth, placing it in the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation sector (northeast) could be more suitable.

Balance and Harmony

Consider the overall balance and aesthetics of the space when determining the location. Ensure that the plaque does not overpower or overshadow other important elements present. It should harmonize with the surrounding environment and contribute to a sense of balance.

Free Flow of Energy

Remember, these are general guidelines, and every space is unique. It is always helpful to consult with a Feng Shui expert or practitioner who can analyze the specific details of your space and provide personalized advice based on your needs and goals.

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